Privacy Policy

General rules

Article 1: Mr.circuiate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "company") shall comply with laws, international regulations, social norms, etc., and carry out honest and fair corporate activities so as not to be ethical. Therefore, fulfilling social responsibility is the corporate norm.

Customer's personal information is indispensable for the company to provide services, and the biggest challenge for the company is to store the information safely and use it according to the customer's wishes. Recognizing this, we must do our utmost to protect personal information based on the following matters as our basic policy.

Measures for managing personal information
Article 2: In accordance with this policy, we will take the following measures regarding the protection of personal information.

  1. Thorough employee education
  2. Construction of internal control system
  3. Implementation of safety measures in the office system

Prevention of information leakage
Article 3: The company will take the following measures to prevent the leakage of personal information.

  1. Those who can access personal information are limited to employees who are authorized to do so.
  2. Persons who violate this policy, such as unauthorized access or information leakage, will be subject to disciplinary action based on work regulations.

Collection and storage of information
Article 4: The company will accept the personal information of customers as follows.

  1. Information from various application forms, etc.
  2. Information from transactions with the company, such as the use of cards
  3. Information open to the public
Purpose of use of personal information

Article 5: The company shall use the following personal information.

  1. Credit purpose: Providing services based on the membership agreement
  2. Ancillary business: Business incidental to credit purposes and provision of various related services

Provision of personal information
Article 6: Customer's personal information must not be provided to a third party except in the following cases.

  1. When providing information to affiliated companies and affiliated companies that have pledged to protect personal information in order to provide services used by customers. Twice
  2. When the customer's consent is obtained.
  3. When legally required.

Ensuring accuracy and up-to-dateness
Article 7: We must endeavor to register and manage the personal information of our customers in an accurate state.

When a customer requests to change his / her name, address, place of employment, payment account, etc., he / she must respond promptly and endeavor to register and manage it in the latest state.

Disclosure / correction / deletion
Article 8: In order to protect the interests of customers, personal information registered in the company must respond to disclosure requests and investigation requests at the request of customers.

As a result of the investigation, if there is an error in the information, it must be corrected promptly.

Use / registration of personal credit information agency
Article 9: In order to make an appropriate credit judgment to the customer, we will join the personal credit information agency and, after obtaining the consent of the customer, we will handle the following.

  1. Refer to the personal credit information agency and use the registered customer's personal information.
  2. Register the customer's personal information with the personal credit information agency within the specified range.

Article 10: We will conduct regular audits and make every effort to implement and comply with this basic policy.

Legal compliance
Article 11: We will comply with laws and regulations and other norms, and take all possible measures to protect personal information.

Supplementary rules:
This policy will come into effect on July 2, 2019.

July 2, 2019
Mr.circuiate Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Dong Jiangnan