Chaumet, a French jeweler, is celebrated for its exquisite and regal designs. From tiaras to high jewelry, Chaumet's creations embody a sense of elegance and refinement fit for royalty.

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18K Diamond Ring 084724-049
Sale price$3,287.00
18K Bee My Love Honeycomb Ring18K Bee My Love Honeycomb Ring
18K Bee My Love Honeycomb Ring
Regular price $690.00 Sale price$629.00
Platinum & Diamond Ring
Sale price$1,927.00
18K Anneu Pendant Necklace
Sale price$1,057.00
2.0 81931.0
Sale price$807.00
Platinum Link Ring
Sale price$557.00
Platinum Band Ring 82724
Sale price$1,187.00
18K Couple Wedding Band
Sale price$660.00
Hortensia Bracelet
Sale price$8,360.71
Torsade Diamond RingTorsade Diamond Ring
-10%Sold out
Torsade Diamond Ring
Regular price $747.00 Sale price$673.00