Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian luxury brand, is celebrated for its timeless designs and craftsmanship. From classic pumps to Gancini accessories, Ferragamo's creations embody refined elegance and Italian flair.

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Leather Bifold Wallet AQ-22 0184Leather Bifold Wallet AQ-22 0184
Leather Bifold Wallet AQ-22 0184
Sale price$142.00 USD
Black Bow Patent Leather PumpsBlack Bow Patent Leather Pumps
Black Bow Patent Leather Pumps
Sale price$197.00 USD
Black Wedge ShoesBlack Wedge Shoes
Black Wedge Shoes
Sale price$207.00 USD
Crystal Embellished Judy Pumps 733637Crystal Embellished Judy Pumps 733637
Printed Leather Vara Bow PumpsPrinted Leather Vara Bow Pumps
Printed Leather Vara Bow Pumps
Sale price$257.00 USD
Gancini Leather Pumps 732891Gancini Leather Pumps 732891
Gancini Leather Pumps 732891
Sale price$307.00 USD
Leather Vara Bow Shoulder Bag  AU-21/D855Leather Vara Bow Shoulder Bag  AU-21/D855
Vara Bow Nylon BeltVara Bow Nylon Belt
Vara Bow Nylon Belt
Sale price$267.00 USD
Leather Vara Bow Handbag BA-21 4178Leather Vara Bow Handbag BA-21 4178
Gancini Leather Bifold WalletGancini Leather Bifold Wallet
Gancini Leather Bifold Wallet
Sale price$267.00 USD
Gancini Patent Leather Bifold WalletGancini Patent Leather Bifold Wallet
Boxyz Mini Crossbody BagBoxyz Mini Crossbody Bag
Boxyz Mini Crossbody Bag
Sale price$519.00 USD
Double Gancini Leather Tote Bag GU-21 D764Double Gancini Leather Tote Bag GU-21 D764
Leather Viva Bow Mini Bag 21 2988Leather Viva Bow Mini Bag 21 2988
Leather Viva Bow Mini Bag 21 2988
Sale price$1,104.00 USD
Leather Gancini Crossbody BagLeather Gancini Crossbody Bag
Leather Gancini Crossbody Bag
Sale price$309.00 USD
Gancini HandbagGancini Handbag
Gancini Handbag
Sale price$309.00 USD
Leather Viva Bow Bag GG-21 1287Leather Viva Bow Bag GG-21 1287
Leather Viva Bow Bag GG-21 1287
Sale price$1,659.00 USD
Leather Shoulder Bag AN 21 5212Leather Shoulder Bag AN 21 5212
Leather Shoulder Bag AN 21 5212
Sale price$349.00 USD
Leather Tote BagLeather Tote Bag
Leather Tote Bag
Sale price$259.00 USD
Marisa Gancini HandbagMarisa Gancini Handbag
Marisa Gancini Handbag
Regular price $319.00 USD Sale price$241.00 USD
Leather Amy Tote GG 21F215Leather Amy Tote GG 21F215
Leather Amy Tote GG 21F215
Sale price$414.00 USD
Gancini Kelly Top Handle Bag
Sale price$824.00 USD
Gancini Marisa Leather Shoulder Bag AB-21 5370Gancini Marisa Leather Shoulder Bag AB-21 5370
Gancini Leather Sofia Handbag FZ-21 B349Gancini Leather Sofia Handbag FZ-21 B349
Leather Gancini Handbag AK 0536
Sale price$499.00 USD
Suede Vara Bow Handbag BC213104Suede Vara Bow Handbag BC213104
Suede Vara Bow Handbag BC213104
Sale price$369.00 USD
Vara Bow Chain Crossbody Bag
Sale price$359.00 USD
Gancini Leather Handbag
Regular price $499.00 USD Sale price$455.00 USD
Leather Bifold Wallet  228104Leather Bifold Wallet  228104
Leather Bifold Wallet 228104
Sale price$152.00 USD
Vala Ribbon Handbag AU-21 B665Vala Ribbon Handbag AU-21 B665
Vala Ribbon Handbag AU-21 B665
Regular price $419.00 USD Sale price$333.00 USD
Leather Shoulder BagLeather Shoulder Bag
Leather Shoulder Bag
Regular price $339.00 USD Sale price$255.00 USD
Vara Bow Leather Crossbody BagVara Bow Leather Crossbody Bag
Vara Bow Leather Crossbody Bag
Sale price$439.00 USD
Vara Bow Top Handle Tote Bag
Sale price$519.00 USD
Gancini Canvas Tote Bag EX-21 5373Gancini Canvas Tote Bag EX-21 5373
Leather Bifold 6 Key Holder 228105Leather Bifold 6 Key Holder 228105
Saffiano Lydia Crossbody Bag
Sale price$649.00 USD