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Supplier vetting, rigorous product authentication, meticulous QC checks, and swift shipping within a 24-48 hours working timeframe for customer satisfaction.

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Find beloved second-hand luxury from a world of timeless elegance.
Our selection of authentic, eco-conscious pieces offers a sustainable path to luxury.
Discover vintage treasures and invest in style with confidence.
LuxUness is where history meets sustainable luxury!

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Preloved From Japan

Authentic preloved items from Japan, offering quality at affordable prices. Experience genuine second hand luxury items from Japan.

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Our items undergo rigorous authentication by Japanese experts, ensuring that every item meets the standards of authenticity.

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We prioritize fast and safe shipping for all our products, utilizing DHL and Fedex to guarantee fast and saftey express delivery for free.

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Secured Payments ensure your financial safety with robust encryption and fraud protection mechanisms, making every transaction smooth and worry-free.

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