Balenciaga, a French luxury brand, is a trailblazer in contemporary fashion. Known for oversized silhouettes and avant-garde designs, Balenciaga's creations, including the Triple S sneakers and City Bag, push the boundaries of modern style.

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Everyday Tote Bag  544459Everyday Tote Bag  544459
Everyday Tote Bag 544459
Sale price$739.00
Mini Papier Bag  305572Mini Papier Bag  305572
Mini Papier Bag 305572
Sale price$729.00
Embossed Leather Mini Hourglass Bag 637372Embossed Leather Mini Hourglass Bag 637372
Agneau Bazar S Shopper Tote 443096Agneau Bazar S Shopper Tote 443096
Mini Glitter Hourglass Bag 664676Mini Glitter Hourglass Bag 664676
SneakerHead Top Handle 661723.0SneakerHead Top Handle 661723.0
Logo Leather Card Case 392126.0Logo Leather Card Case 392126.0
Logo Belt Bag  569978Logo Belt Bag  569978
Logo Belt Bag 569978
Sale price$479.00
Navy Pochette Crossbody Bag 390641Navy Pochette Crossbody Bag 390641
Graffiti Hourglass XS Handbag 592833Graffiti Hourglass XS Handbag 592833
Logo Ville Small Leather Handbag 639756Logo Ville Small Leather Handbag 639756
Leather Papier Wallet 391446.0Leather Papier Wallet 391446.0
Navy Pochette Canvas Crossbody Bag 339937Navy Pochette Canvas Crossbody Bag 339937
Medium Market Tote Bag  592976.0Medium Market Tote Bag  592976.0
Explorer Nylon Backpack 5032212AAMC1000Explorer Nylon Backpack 5032212AAMC1000
Motocross Classic Day Crossbody Bag 223409Motocross Classic Day Crossbody Bag 223409
BB Monogram Logo Shopping Tote 693805BB Monogram Logo Shopping Tote 693805
Motocross Classic Papier A6 Bag 370926Motocross Classic Papier A6 Bag 370926
Camo Printed Nylon Explorer Belt Bag 482389Camo Printed Nylon Explorer Belt Bag 482389
Leather Classic Day Hobo 182076Leather Classic Day Hobo 182076
Leather XXS Logo Shopping Tote 555140Leather XXS Logo Shopping Tote 555140
Leather Hourglass Mini Handbag 664676Leather Hourglass Mini Handbag 664676
Canvas Navy Cabas S Tote 339933Canvas Navy Cabas S Tote 339933
Everyday XS Tote Bag  551810.0Everyday XS Tote Bag  551810.0
Navy Clip M Canvas Clutch Bag 373834Navy Clip M Canvas Clutch Bag 373834
Leather Padlock All Afternoon Tote 293861Leather Padlock All Afternoon Tote 293861
Supermarket Shopper Handbag 506781Supermarket Shopper Handbag 506781
Papier A6 Zip Around Tote Bag 370926.0Papier A6 Zip Around Tote Bag 370926.0
Classic City Continental Zip  Wallet  390187Classic City Continental Zip  Wallet  390187
Leather Card Case with Strap 616015Leather Card Case with Strap 616015
Mini Papier Handbag 305572Mini Papier Handbag 305572
Mini Papier Handbag 305572
Sale price$654.00
Motocross Classic Mini Papier Bag 305572Motocross Classic Mini Papier Bag 305572
Navy Clip M Canvas Clutch Bag 373834Navy Clip M Canvas Clutch Bag 373834
Canvas Navy Cabas S Tote 339933Canvas Navy Cabas S Tote 339933
Leather Navy Cabas 390346.0Leather Navy Cabas 390346.0
Leather Navy Cabas 390346.0
Sale price$604.00
Classic City Clip Pouch M  273021Classic City Clip Pouch M  273021
Nylon Explorer Belt BagNylon Explorer Belt Bag
Nylon Explorer Belt Bag
Sale price$439.00
Nylon Wheel Belt Bag 569978Nylon Wheel Belt Bag 569978
Nylon Wheel Belt Bag 569978
Sale price$429.00
Leather Trifold Compact Wallet 637450Leather Trifold Compact Wallet 637450
Leather Trifold Wallet  391446Leather Trifold Wallet  391446
Navy Clip L Canvas Clutch Bag 373840Navy Clip L Canvas Clutch Bag 373840
Neo Classic Bifold Wallet  390187.0Neo Classic Bifold Wallet  390187.0
Navy Clip Canvas Clutch Bag 420407Navy Clip Canvas Clutch Bag 420407
Explorer BackpackExplorer Backpack
Explorer Backpack
Sale price$559.00
Quilted Leather Blanket Square Shoulder Bag 466542Quilted Leather Blanket Square Shoulder Bag 466542
Quilted Leather Blanket Square Shoulder Bag 466542
Regular price $709.00 Sale price$514.00