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Synchronization Items Information

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Synchronization Orders

Basic Information

Path: /biz/synchronousOrder

Method: POST

Interface description:

Request parameter


parameter name parameter value need demo remark
Content-Type application/json yes
Authentication need It team support yes


name type required default desc sub
bizOrderId number require third-party OrderId
paymentMode number require mode of payment:16,reflaunt
paymentModeWay string require Description of payment mode
totalFee string require Total selling price
currency string require

currency type:


status string require

-1cancel order,

0 Pending order,

1 Paid order,

2 shipped by Seller,

3 Order completed

items object [] require orderItems

item type: object

├─ price string require Products sold price
├─ bizProductId number require third-party Product Id
├─ buyType number require Type of purchase: 10、reflaunt
├─ num number require num
linkName string require Contact name
linkPhone string require Contact phone number
country string require country
state string require province/state
city string require city
district string require district
zip string require zip code
address string require address


### Response parameter


name type required default desc sub
code string require failure:0,success:1
msg string require error message
content object require
├─ orderId string require

Return orderId when creating an order.

No return when updating the order

success boolean require