LuxUness will inspect every sold item to ensure its authenticity and that the condition matches the images.

Supplier Review Mechanism

Supplier Review Mechanism

We have established a comprehensive supplier review mechanism. We ensure that our suppliers have thorough authentication capabilities. This sets a high standard, strictly guaranteeing that our products are genuine.

A trustworthy supplier​
We exclusively permit publicly listed companies and large chain corporations to provide us with goods. This policy ensures that our suppliers possess comprehensive product authentication capabilities.

By partnering with established and reputable suppliers, we can guarantee the quality and authenticity of the products we offer. These companies have the resources and expertise to conduct thorough product verification, which helps us maintain high standards and build trust with our customers.

This approach also minimizes the risk of counterfeit or substandard products entering our supply chain, ensuring a reliable and consistent supply of goods.
Supplier Review Mechanism

LuxUness authentication team

Authenticity is fundamental to our business, with experienced appraisal teams based in Japan and China. Out teams excel in both vintage and modern styles, ensuring our appraisal teams stay current with the latest models at all times.

LuxUness team's extensive experience in authenticating luxury goods has honed their expertise, allowing for detailed and comprehensive appraisals.

LuxUness developed an extensive database for authenticity identification, featuring tens of thousands of products across various styles and models.

LuxUness authenticity teams have a vast database covering logos, serial numbers, zippers, hardware, warranty cards, accessories, and brand-specific details, ensuring meticulous authentication of our items.

LuxUness integrated IC Chip traceability technology for our second-hand luxury goods, enabling complete product information access through chip scanning.

Supplier Review Mechanism


You can also purchase our products on well-known platforms in various countries. These include major e-commerce websites and marketplaces recognized for their reliability. Our presence on these platforms ensures convenient access to our products globally, with secure payment options, efficient delivery, and excellent customer support.

LuxUness blends global collaboration with unparalleled luxury. Our worldwide network enables dynamic, border-transcending partnerships, creating unique, bespoke luxury experiences. Join us in shaping the future of luxury through innovation, elegance, and excellence.