LuxUness Auction Rules

1. Bidding will be held every Tuesday to Thursday. Bidding starts at 11:00 AM GMT and will run for 48 hours.

2. Each lot will have a countdown timer to let customers know when the bid will end.

3. Customers can bid directly on the website to officially place a bid. Customers are able to manage all their bid on their account page. They can see bids in progress, items pending for payment, bid exceeded, and failed bids.

4. Bid increments will be announced on each item. The system is automatic, and customers can only put the price within the increment range.

5. If a customer's bid is exceeded, an email notification will be sent every 10 hours; and every 5 minutes for the last 30 minutes until the auction is over. A URL will be made available for customers to see the full list of items that exceeds their bids.

6. If a customer's bid is part of his favorites, in the last 30 minutes of the auction, an email notificaiton will be sent as a reminder of the last 30 minutes remaining before the auction ends.

7. If a customer places a bid on an item on the last 10 minutes, the item's time will extend for 10 more minutes, and will extend another 10 more minutes if another bid is placed. The bid will end 10 minutes after the last highest bid.

8. Highest bidder will be sent an email to confirm their winning bid. The email will include an invoice with a URL redirecting to Luxuness website. Customers can pay for the winning bids there. A primary email is required for winning notifications and invoice sending.

9. Each notification sent will come from one emails noting different subjects: one from bid exceeded, one from favorites, and one from winning bids.

10. Clients must pay for the invoice within 24 hours upon recieiving it.