LuxUness  is a dedicated wholesale market for businesses. Whether you are a new business joining the circular fashion community, or an established reseller of luxury goods, Luxuness is here to add value to your business.

Established in 2021(Company started in 2013), LuxUness has reinvented itself to become more relevant on the resale luxury landscape by using new technologies, partnering with major stakeholders, and improving processes to optimize our global operations.

We have a dedicated team of expert authenticators, merchandisers, strategists, warehouse operators, and full IT teams to help your business reach more people. Here in Luxuness, we welcome new people, young or old, with innovative ideas since we believe that is key to continuously improve how we help other businesses strive. 


SELL Pre-Owned

LuxUness is setting out to change the landscape of luxury resale to businesses.

Based in Japan, our cornerstone is technology and data, coupled with luxury and trend expertise.We always set out to find new ways of doing things, allowing us to innovate and create successful business solutions for our global partners.

As we are also the Alibaba "Idle Fish" official recycling partner for the luxury category, we have unprecedented access to the best and most affordable luxury items. 

100% handmade soap bar


High Efficiency

Our end to end process ensures we cover all complex parts of handling luxury goods. Each item goes through rigorous quality and authenticity checks.Professional studio photos are taken for each item, showcasing our items in the best and most honest light.

Once all items are posted, all product information and a complete photo set will be available for the ease and convenience of our buyers.


Working Hard 

Authenticity is one of our core foundations as a business. We have experienced teams both in Japan and China with extensive years in appraisal work. Both teams have expertise in both vintage and modern styles, making sure that our appraisal teams are always up to date with the latest models. 

After years of experience authenticating luxury goods, we have optimized our team's expertise further, allowing us to document different points for appraisal. We have accumulated tens of thousands of product information from different styles and models, forming our own authenticity identification database. From logo, manufacture number, exterior material, interior material, zipper, other metal hardware, warranty card, accessories, and other brand specific details, our authenticity teams are equipped with the best possible database to authenticate our items.

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100% handmade soap bar


Safety & Technology
The Future

Providing further for our business to reinvent itself, together with Alibaba Cloud, we have applied IC Chip traceability technology for our second hand luxury goods.

We have integrated this technology into our ERP system. Users can use their mobile phones to scan and read our chips to obtain complete traceability and circulation information of our products.

Similar to Chanel's serial stickers, our IC chips are applied onto the interior portions of our items without causing any physical damage or changes to the product itself. Once it is torn off, the chip will be destroyed and will not be recognized. 



LuxUness is the official Alibaba "Idle Fish" recycling partner.

We have access to a large number of items from this platform, and we conduct strict quality and authenticity checks for these items. Having a large number of customers and source of goods,LuxUness can meet your various demands for luxury goods, connecting China's growing second-hand luxury market with the rest of the world.


Representative: Jiangnan Dong
Capital: 20,000,000 Yen
Date of establishment: December 2013
TEL: 048-229-7686
FAX: 048-229-7689
Address: 2-5-20-201 Kawagishi, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture 335-0015
License: Saitama Prefectural Public Safety Commission antique dealer license No. 431020030908

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat, please email us at, and we'd be happy to talk!