LuxUness B2B Auction

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What is LuxAUc?

LuxAuc is an auction app for merchants, part of LuxUness. 
We aim to be the leading platform for overseas merchants engaging in Japan's B2B transactions. We rigorously assess listers' credit and ensure strict quality and authenticity checks, enabling overseas merchants to buy bulk goods at Japan's B2B prices.

Our operational

We allow trusted Japanese merchants to list products, which are then available for purchase by merchants outside of Japan. 
We charge a fee of 8% of the transaction amount. Buyers can trade confidently at domestic B2B prices in Japan. 
All products are doubly verified by the listers and our team, and we conduct strict quality control and authenticity checks. 
We provide high-quality Japanese-style service.

Why Choose Us

We are a company that has been operating domestically in Japan for 13 years, collaborating with nearly a hundred Japanese companies to offer you the best prices.

The first auction is coming soon

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Auction for B2B

Certified items only

May 13. 2024
The first LuxAuc is coming soon!