LuxUness real time live auction

LuxUness Live Auction is a B2B professional auction venue. Create an on-site auction atmosphere through the network.
We are based on the Chinese and Japanese markets. We have abundant inventory resources.
We continue to guarantee our own inventory of more than 3000 +items.And every item has been strictly identified.
We will provide a large number of items for you to choose from.
Because it is an online real-time auction mode, you can purchase hundreds of items in one day.

About LLA Live Auction rule

All items information will be previewed one day in advance.
*At the time of the auction,the average time from the beginning to the end of each item is 10-15 seconds.
Please check the items information in advance.

Participation qualification:  Only approved clients
Participation costs:  100 USD / month---Free for now
Transaction fee:  8% of the transaction price (form 50 Usd)---Free for now

Transportation expenses and corresponding taxes shall be borne by the purchaser.
About shipment fee-->>


Start from 18:00 (Tokyo time)

About LLA Daily Acution rule

LLA daily is a regular auction.
It starts at 17:00 PM(Tokyo time) on every working day.
More than 50 items will be auctioned every day. Each auction item will last 60 seconds with popcorn mechanism.
Our staff will contact you after the auction is completed.
Unlike the live broadcast mechanism of LLA Live, LLA daily is an automatic auction mode.
Please enjoy LLA Daily auction.


Fresh stock

Based on the Chinese and Japanese markets, we have a large amount of fresh inventory in each auction.

Fast shipping

All items are in our own warehouse. After the auction, DHL will deliver items quickly and transport them all over the world.

100% Guarantee

All goods have been carefully identified by our appraisers in China and Japan. You can buy it at ease.

Join LuxUness Auction

We will provide you with a trading place of Fast tradingB2B price100% appraisal.
Join us and we believe that we will help you in your luxury business.
Please be sure to try to participate in our auction. I'm sure you'll like LLA acution.

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