Luxuness has own IT team. We have conducted multiple API data docking with various platforms.
We can push our items to your platform in real time through our IT development.
We support Shopify, Google CSV, API support website and CSV support website.

If you don't have your own originl store, we can quickly create one for you.
And realize real-time synchronization with Luxuness items.
And you can modify the appearance and functions of the mall at any time.

Got a question? We're happy to help! We will get in touch with you shortly.

Personalized Curation and Free Offer For You

Curated List and Free Offer for Direct Order Clients

This is a dedicated section for our partners' special curated list. Based on your business' stock profile and buying history, we have curated our items to match this in order make your selection process more seamless. 

Inside, partners are able to give an offer for each item for the price they want. Offer feedback will be sent via email. 

Each list is only accessible per partner, and is not visible to others. If you'd like for us to create your own curated list, please contact us.